Gregory J. Raglow, MD
Family Medicine
Phoenix, AZ

"I have tried as many of the ICD search tools as I could find including Encoder Pro, StatCoder, ICD9Data.com, Google, and many others. ICDMeister Online is BY FAR the quickest and most intuitive tool to find the ICD-9 codes I need for every visit."
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Marcus C. Roberts, M.D.
Family Medicine
Tifton, GA

"The database that comes with my EMR is very difficult to use and very slow. ICDMeister is so fast and accurate that I can truly depend on it. No doubts!!! It has saved me hours of searching for the correct code to complete my charts every day."
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Joyce Brewer, PhD, CNM, CFNP
Primary Care
Jackson, MS

"I am a VERY satisfied customer of ICDMeister Online - in addition to many of your PDA based applications. In the past, I've used other applications but was never able to find the correct code as quickly and easily as I can with ICDMeister."
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Vince Culotta Jr, M.D.
New Orleans, LA

"The online version of the ICD coding tool is superb! It is intuitive, easy to learn and use and above all readily accessable from any internet connected computer. I should also mention that the support of MeisterMed is unparalleled!"
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Aaron Shives, M.D.
Family Medicine
Watertown, SD

"So far it is the best ICD coding tool that I've found. The program is so easy to use that I'm having my staff find the codes thereby saving me time and having the most accurate diagnosis in a few seconds."
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Morry L. Rotenberg, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Chicago, IL

"ICDMeister Online has made my coding so much more precise and is so much easier to use than the PDA version. It has speeded up the documentation process a great deal. Thanks so much for sticking with your development of this great piece of software."
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Patrice Malena, MS, FNP-BC
Women's Health
Newport News, VA

"I have been using ICDMeister Online nearly every day since you sent the trial version. I have put a shortcut link on my desktop, and can launch the program quickly. This new program has certainly helped in MY practice every day!"
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What You Need to Know About ICDMeister Online

ICDMeister Online is a web-based ICD-9 coding tool containing all 15,000 plus 2011 ICD-9 codes in an easy-to-access format.  Based on a PDA coding reference already used by thousands of doctors, ICDMeister uses multiple approaches for code-finding. From browsing and searching to "Most Common Diagnosis" lists, ICDMeister makes it easy for you to find the code you need quickly and efficiently.   Most coding references are designed by and for coders.  ICDMeister Online, in contrast, was developed by a doctor who knows how you think when you're looking for codes.   Find the most precise code to reduce claim rejections and maximize your collections.   Code fast, go home earlier.

Thousands of doctors have used ICDMeister for PDA since it was first released in 2002.   We expect the response to ICDMeister Online to be even more positive.
Many EMR's have really weak ICD-9 coding modules.  ICDMeister Online has been designed to be used alongside your EMR.  Find the code you need in ICDMeister, click the built-in Copy icon, and simply paste the code into your EMR.
Choose the approach that's the most intuitive for you.   Browse through the diagnostic categories. Search using the powerful built-in search engine.   Or, use the "Most Common Diagnosis" lists.   This variety of code finding options makes it possible to quickly grab exactly the code you need.
Most ICDMeister users can find their code in a few seconds, even faster than trying to scrutinize the microscopic text on one of those desktop coding cheat sheets.   And ICDMeister contains all 15,000 codes allowing you to code with more precision.   Who knows, maybe it'll even get you paid more.
Professional coders spend hundreds of hours trying to learn the ICD-9's archaic organizational structure.   You have better things to do with your time.   Unique amongst every other ICD-9 coding reference out there, ICDMeister Online is organized by a doctor for the way doctors think when looking for a code.
Don't risk claim denials from using an outdated ICD-9 coding reference.   Did you know several online ICD-9 websites still use code sets from 2009?   ICDMeister Online is dynamically updated whenever the ICD-9 codes are changed.   It is always current and up-to-date.
No "invalid code" or "5th digit required" here.   All of the codes in ICDMeister Online are valid and billable.   Why risk accidentally submitting an invalid code by including them on the lists as many other ICD-9 references do?   In ICDMeister we've eliminated invalid codes altogether.   If you find it in ICDMeister, it's a billable code.
Using more specific codes (rather than the ones you've memorized like 250.00 and 401.9) may translate into higher reimbursement for capitated patients now that you can better document the complexity of the care you're providing. But even better than increased reimbursement is being able to finish your coding faster so you can go home earlier!

ICDMeister Video Tours and Tips

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3 Ways 2 Find Codes
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Searching for Codes
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Letter from the Developer


I created ICDMeister when I realized how inefficient it was to find ICD-9 codes in the regular coding books.  Since 2002, I've tweaked and updated ICDMeister based on detailed feedback from thousands of loyal users.  Now in its online form with a more powerful search engine, ICDMeister is better than ever.

Coding sucks!  If you're like me, the last thing you want to be doing at the end of the day is searching for ICD-9 codes.  ICDMeister doesn't eliminate the chore but it will help you code faster, easier, and with greater precision.  Most of our customers tell us that ICDMeister shaves 10-15 minutes off of their work day.   Even if it only saves you 5 minutes a day, over a week, a month, and a year that adds up to a lot more time at home and a lot less wasted time searching for ICD-9 codes.

I guarantee you'll find ICDMeister Online to be the fastest, easiest-to-use ICD-9 coding reference you've ever used.  Period.   Subscribe to ICDMeister Online today and if at any time in the first 30 days you think it doesn't meet that promise, send me an e-mail and I'll fully refund your subscription.


Subscription Information

  • One year subscription for $49.95
  • Secure online order processing
  • Full refund within 30 days (no questions asked) if it's not the
    best ICD-9 coding reference you've ever used
  • Discounted pricing is available for institutions and groups of 10 or more. Contact us for details.
  • Get started now by signing up for a Free 14 Day Trial.

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